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Decontamination and rehabilitation

Restore the value of your land by working with experts in decontamination and site rehabilitation.

Our team of professionals will proceed with a precise evaluation in order to obtain a maximum of information concerning the type of contaminants, their concentration and much more. Whatever your needs, our experts will be able to present you with an optimal action plan for the rehabilitation of your site.

The decontamination and rehabilitation of sites must be regulated by rigorous environmental standards. SP Bougie has unparalleled expertise in contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Maintaining environmental health is an essential part of our everyday lives, and soil remediation and restoration services are an integral part of that. These specialized interventions protect soils from further damage caused by pollution, mitigate the existing impact on soil quality levels often by returning them to pre-pollution or better conditions-and require monitoring processes that involve surface sampling, groundwater analysis, and consideration of human safety in their work.

Contaminants, including fuels, solvents from industrial processes, and hazardous substances such as PCBs and heavy metals, are unfortunately commonplace in the environment. These pollutants can cause serious problems such as leaching into groundwater, uptake by plant roots, and volatilization leading to toxic vapours entering buildings; ultimately affecting ecosystem functions due to altered nutrient cycles.

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